Ideal Adventures for All


February 28 thru May 15- White Bass, Crappie, Large Mouth Bass, Striped Bass, Walleye. (Spring is a very special time when fish are trying to produce reproductive material so feeding requirements increase to meet their demand of nutrients. Species like white bass and crappie concentrate in predictable areas like creek mouths and river heads. All these factors make spring some of the best fishing.)

Feb- Nov- Rainbow Trout are caught below the Tenkiller Dam. We provide a wade trip that is just simply top notch. Whether for eating or fun a trout adventure is up your alley.The heaviest stocked months are May, June, July, October, and November.

May 15 thru August 31- White Bass, Crappie, Large Mouth Bass, Striped Bass, Walleye, Blue Cat Fish, Channel Cat Fish  (As the temperature increases so does the potential of catching some of Oklahoma's largest and toughest fighting fish. Large stripers are caught in the cool waters of the Lower Illinois trying to escape the heat and lack of oxygen in the Arkansas River. Big blue catfish and channel catfish are caught drifting flats close to deep drop offs. As the summer heats up so does the action at Oklahoma Hunting & Fishing Adventures.)




September 1 thru October 31-Dove, Teal, Resident Goose  (This early part of fall is still excellent for striped bass and cats. Crappie and walleye recovering from the heat become active and late evening drifting is a safe bet. The overwhelming number of local Canada Geese make September a goose hunters dream and the short teal season can be a warm way to introduce a young hunter or start an excited retriever.These seasons are short, so make reservations early. Dove and teal hunts are a wait for the migration time basis, resident goose is a good bet.)


October 1-Archery: Deer and Turkey (Fishing trips can still be booked, however, focus does turn to whitetail deer hunting. Cherokee County, Oklahoma has one of the highest whitetail success rates in Oklahoma for many years running. I provide stand locations in remote areas adjacent to more pressured areas making them a daily route and a refuge. Oct. 1st is opening day of archery. Come and hunt these deer early season when they're unpressured and unaware! Ask about special rates for youth gun season.)



November 5 thru January 30- Duck and Goose (NOT TO BE MISSED DUCK ACTION).

As the north wind delivers it's bounties of ducks and geese we wait patiently in the flooded timber,creeks, and beanfield potholes of Oklahoma.  Come join the excitement of spiraling mallards, turned by a soothing call, fluttering over decoys. Take part in the tradition. 

October thru December-Muzzleloader (Deer) season runs October 22-30.  Gun (Deer) season runs November 19-December 4.  Antlerless (Deer) runs from December 16-18 and December 30-January 1, 2006. Muzzleloader marks the beginning of the rut. This time of the year provides hunters with the potential of a big buck too occupied by sweet smelling does and unweary of hunters. Muzzleloader and rifle also provide extra pressure on big bucks making them move out of their safe refuges and move during shooting light. 

**See our Links Page for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife website for hunting and fishing regulations and licensing.

**Oklahoma Hunting and Fishing Adventures is not responsible for providing licensing for harvest of any species.